Don’t do the dilly dally with Sally (A Public Service Announcement)

Do, however, watch this video all the way through. It’s important for all young lovers out there to hear this message.

(Yes, I saw this on Tosh’s blog.)

WTF? Video: Ceremony, “Adult”

With the premiere of the new season of Mad Men coming up in a few days, it seemed like the perfect time to share this WTF? video from California punks Ceremony. The clip features a seeming normal Mad Men-esque family getting ready to start their day. As soon as the husband and son leave the house, Mommy heads down into a mysterious hatch in the backyard. Is it a Cold War Era style bomb shelter? Is it some creepy serial killer dead body trophy room? The video is pretty well done because I was filled with the anticipation of finding out what was down that hole. In the end I am still left wondering. WTF?

WTF? Video: The Golden Filter, “Kill Me”

A mother’s libidinous fixation on her son turns deadly in this WTF? video from The Golden Filter. When the  son comes home to visit his folks he brings an unexpected surprise. A fiance. The mother is none too pleased. Things get a little disturbing as she fantasizes about cutting the engagement ring of the girl’s finger. The tipping point for me is the scene in which the mother eavesdrops on the young lovers in the throws of passion and decides to have a little private time with her own privates. WTF?

WTF? Video: High Places, “Sonora”

The indie rock duo High Places made a fantastically strange video for their song “Sonora”. I liked the song, but enjoyed it a lot more after I saw the video. It is a revenge filled, live action Popeye story with a gender-bending twist. The video opens with the heroine waking up along a roadside. She has a massive head wound and looks awfully pissed upon catching sight of the assault weapon, a broken golf club.  With the help of a can of spinach (and a very trusting motorist) she goes on a bloody rampage to save her “man in distress”. I especially enjoyed the face stomping she gives the 1st henchman. Check out the full video below.