Best Music of 2011: #2

Era ExtranaTodd: Neon Indian, Era Extraña

Sounds like it was recorded with a Commodore 64 and filtered through a Nintendo 64. His live show in Iowa City taught me 2 things: 1.You should never underpay for a good sound engineer 2. Under age coeds will try to give you their senior pictures in exchange for beer. Check out the electronic bleep bloops of “Halogen (I Could Be Your Shadow).”


Nostalgia, UltraChris: Frank Ocean, Nostalgia, Ultra

This guy should be getting the attention that Tyler, the Creator, gets. If he hadn’t done that lame “Hotel California” thing toward the end of this stellar mixtape, this might have surpassed my top pick. (Well, probably not.) Oh well, enjoy “Songs for Women” and feel the Frank Ocean love.

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