Sleigh Bells Delay Album Release. Ruin 2012 Indie Music Scene.

Sleigh Bells was  set to release their much anticipated sophomore effort Reign of Terror on February 14th. The album was supposed to set the pace for all other indie releases in 2012.  Less than a month ago, they unveiled the 1st track “Born to Lose” to mixed reviews here at Music or Space Shuttle?.

If you were set on giving your sweetheart a copy as a Valentines Day gift, think again. The release has been pushed back. By a whole week! Now this can only mean one thing…It’s a complete turd. Well maybe not a complete turd, but it seems that whenever an uber-hyped album gets delayed, the product is equivalent to some form of crap. Example, Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy. It took something like a decade to be released and the final product was a massive load of feces.

Will Reign of Terror be the next over-hyped indie flop? Can hipsters wait 7 additional days for the album release? Will it be released at all? Stayed tuned to Music or Space Shuttle? for future updates.  In the meantime check out “Born to Lose” below.

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