I’ve Finally Found the Love of a Lifetime…Until the Next Time

Seems like love is in the air around Music or Space Shuttle? these days.  Quite a few of our posts lately have been about love, crushes and the art of “hunkering down”.  Perhaps it is just anticipation leading up to the most important of all holidays, Valentine’s Day. Or maybe we are just a couple of pervs.  Regardless, I couldn’t help but be inspired by Chris’ recent declaration of love for one Alexis Kraus, the super hot and bad ass singer of Sleigh Bells. Congrats Chris and Alexis. I wish you two the very best. May your love affair last months. I was so inspired in fact that I am now ready to make an announcement of my own. While Chris was falling head over heels for Alexis in the “Comeback Kid” video, I was slowly becoming enchanted with impossibly cute brunette singer Rachel Browne from Field Mouse.(Yes I am already married. It’s ok, my wife has similar feelings for all 4 members of Kings of Leon)

A few weeks back Field Mouse released a video for their song “Glass”. The song itself is an epically dreamy shoegazing classic…well, it’s good. I’m just talking it up a bit for my girl Rachel.  The video is where she won me over though. It has a very simple concept.

Slo-mo camera on her very attractive face… Cue the wind machine…and cue the streamers…bubbles! we need more bubbles!…

Nothing too amazing there right? Well skip to the 3 minute mark. Her long stare into the camera breaks into an irresistible smile / laugh. Careful guys. If you can’t handle the temptation stop watching at 2:59. Checkout the video below.

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