Original vs Cover: “Wonderwall”

Is imitation the highest form of flattery? It can be. Take the cover song for instance. Nothing is more polarizing in music. The artist that covers a song either makes the song their own or totally misses the boat. There is rarely an in-between. Have you ever listened to a cover song and thought “That was OK I guess”? The answer is no, you haven’t. It’s either ” That was great” or “That really sucked “.

I love a good cover song. Especially when an artist takes the song and turns it into something different. You react to the song in a whole new way. You can go a bit too far though. Like this cover song for example:

Who thought that Bill Shatner should make a record? I was thinking more like what Ryan Adams (No, not Bryan “Summer of ’69” Adams, Ryan Adams) did with the Oasis classic “Wonderwall”. Back in the mid ’90s I freaking loved Oasis and especially “Wonderwall”. I was shocked when I heard the first few bars of the Ryan Adams version. It was so different. The original acoustic guitar part was replaced by a slowed down haunting guitar and the echoing vocals are some of Adams’ best. (Dude made like 1000 records in the last few years so that’s saying something)

Take a listen to both and tell us which you prefer in the poll at the bottom.The Original or The Cover?

Here is the Oasis original.

Here is Mr. Adams’ cover.

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