Welcome to the Super Bowl Tiquan Underwood. Oh wait…

Imagine working your whole life for one goal, a Super Bowl Championship. You train everyday. Fight through injuries. Earn a scholarship to Rutgers. Get drafted into the NFL. Have the luck to be on a team on the verge of the Super Bowl. Then on the day before the big game you get cut.

That’s what happened to Tiquan Underwood, defensive lineman for the New England Patriots.  Bill Belichick cut him on the Saturday before the Super Bowl. Burn. He didn’t do anything wrong either(other than sport this horrible Kid n Play looking haircut). Belichick is just going with another lineman.  Who is that other lineman? Underwood’s former Rutgers teammate Alex Silvestro. Double burn.

Now if this had happened to me, I would spend the morning leading up to the Super Bowl preparing for an all out homicidal rampage. I wouldn’t stop until I had Belichick’s stupid fucking half sleeve hoodie inserted into his anus. Underwood handled things a little more gracefully. He sent several tweets out yesterday praising the Patriots organization and wishing everyone luck.

Apparently, it’s not the first time Underwood has been cut by the Pats. This would make it 3 times. This season! I know you have to make tough decisions as an NFL coach but this move seems extra douchey. Even for super douche Bill Belichick.  I had no real interest in who won the game but now I am hoping the Giants beat the Patriots so badly that Bill Belichick collapses into the fetal position and has to be carted off the field.  Go Giants!