MoSS? Presents…The Top Albums of 2012, #20-11

MoSS Albums 2012

Todd’s 20-11

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#20. Heems, Nehru Jackets/ Wild Water Kingdom

#19. Sleigh Bells, Reign of Terror

#18. The Men, Open Your Heart

#17. La Sera, Sees The Light

#16. Nude Beach, II

#15. Echo Lake, Wild Peace

#14. Hospitality, Hospitality

#13. Michael Kiwanuka, Home Again

#12. Beach House, Bloom

#11. Frank Ocean, Channel Orange

Chris’ 20-11

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#20. Black Moth Super Rainbow, Cobra Juicy

#19. Lone, Galaxy Garden

#18. School of Seven Bells, Ghostory

#17. The Men, Open Your Heart

#16. Colleen Green, Milo Goes to Compton

#15. Japandroids, Celebration Rock

#14. Wild Nothing, Nocturne

#13. El Perro del Mar, Pale Fire

#12. Frankie Rose, Interstellar

#11. Burial, Kindred

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Side A : Todd’s Picks

1. Heems, “Wild Water Kingdom”

2. Nude Beach, “Love can’t Wait”

3. PAWS, “Get Bent”

4. CHVRCHES, “The Mother We Share”

5. Memory Tapes, “Sheila”

Side B : Chris’ Picks

1. The Evens, “King of Kings”

2. Dragon Inn 3, “Rocket Launcher”

3. Black Forest Fire, “Live News Feed”

4. El Perro Del Mar, “Walk On By”

5. Steffaloo, “Can’t You See”

Today’s Random Song in My Head, “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”

I don’t really have anything clever to say about today’s song stuck in my head. I heard it on the radio the other day and have been singing it ever since. Never been a big Das Racist fan but I do like some of  Heems’ solo work. At first, I though it was terrible. It’s the same thing over and over. Two dopy guys getting food at a combination fast food restaurant. One getting food at the Pizza Hut side and one getting food at the Taco Bell side. So stupid. So repetitive. So genius? Yes, after three days of having this song in my head I have decided that it is genius. Love it. Listen to it several times a day. My wife hates it and me as a result. What do I care? I’m off to buy a personal pan pepperoni pizza with a side order of nachos supreme. I’m at the Pizza Hut. I’m at the Taco Bell. I’m at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.